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The Gamble Settlement

SUMMARY OF THIS Legal Settlement Agreement for those that don’t have time to read it:

MSB – Mr. Gamble, here is 75K. You can’t sue us or anyone (or help anyone sue) for anything that has any plausible connection to the MSB, okay? Here is an extra 5K if you don’t tell anyone about this agreement. 

The MSB today released (pursuant to a records request) a copy of their Legal Settlement Agreement with William F. Gamble, the former Director of EMS.

The MSB paid Mr. Gamble $80,000, less than three months after he left his employment with the MSB.

Original post:

See the settlement document below:

William Gamble – 2017-03-21- Settlement Agreement – signed – Kapished


This is a very ODD settlement agreement.

Ostensibly, it is a payment and release for Mr. Gamble’s possible PERS retirement benefits claims.

However, a close reading of the legal document shows that Mr. Gamble has released the MSB and any and all individuals and entities (who could possibly be named in any such suit) from any and all possible claims for basically ANYTHING related to his employment.  He also has agreed not to assist anyone else in bringing any sort of legal action against the MSB.

And he got an extra $5,000 for keeping this all confidential.

Gamble 1Gamble 2Gamble 3Gamble 4


Why didn’t Mr. Gamble join with other Emergency Responders in their case against the MSB for its failure to pay them PERS benefits?

That case was filed in 2014 originally in Palmer Superior Court but was removed up to Federal Court in Anchorage. The parties all settled in the fall of 2015 with the MSB paying the Plaintiffs.

Richey v MSB lawsuit


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