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What is wrong with tap water?

water dispenser

I sent the following email to the Mat-Su Assembly members this morning:

Hello All,

I noticed these BID solicitation documents on the MSB website today.  Supply and Deliver Bottled Water to all the MSB buildings.  So much bottled water – esp. for the Dorothy Swanda Jones building.
The estimated cost is not listed but apparently, it could be over 100K.  Plus any contract awarded is renewable for years to come. (Which means the public won’t see this contract publicized again for many years. It could just be quietly renewed behind closed doors.)
Here is my budget cutting idea – eliminate this cost completely.
Who approved this solicitation?
Why is TAP water not good enough for MSB employees?
Where do you think the bottled water companies get their water (which they put into those big bottles which they deliver to and from places with trucks)?? FROM THE GROUND…i.e., well water or regular old city tap water.
So – let’s economize and get rid of this huge cost.  MSB employees can fill up their own water bottles with tap water. Or, aren’t there drinking fountains in any of the MSB buildings?
I thought we were having a budget crisis.  Cuts (like this water thing and all the lunches out) can add up to big savings.  And we can sell off at a surplus auction any of the water bottle cooler stands that we already own.
“MatSu Muckracker”
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