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FSA Independent Audit


Eternal Audit

The leaders of various Fire Service Areas have complained over the years about how the MSB was managing the FSA accounts.

NOTE: FSA money goes toward fire services in each area; but EMS is borough wide.  FSAs pay for admin services from the MSB.  EMS generally functions in conjunction with the various fire stations.  Many firefighters are also EMTs.  Thus, the accounting can be complicated.

An independent audit was conducted in the summer of 2016. (This was not the first audit that has been conducted of the FSA or RSA accounts. Apparently, there have been several over the years.)

I am trying to get a copy of this newest audit…but in the meantime…

Here are some relevant FSA meeting minutes wherein the issue/problems were discussed:

central matsu fire patch

October 16, 2016 – Joint Meeting Central & West Lakes FSA:

Cent 1


Cen 2cen 3cen 4cen 5cen 6Cen 7cen 8Cen 9Cen 10

Highlights from joint Central and West Lakes FSA meeting of August 8, 2016:

Cen 11 diff mtg


West Lakes FSA meeting September 12, 2016:


Cen 12cen 13Cen 14

West Lakes FSA meeting June 13, 2016: 


Cen 15Cen 16

West Lakes FSA meeting May 9, 2016:


Cen 17cen 18


Here is a note from “Internal Auditor” James Wilson re: the Independent Audit (obtained through a Public Records Request last year for all internal audit reports; I didn’t receive any actual internal audit reports but I got a lot of documentation of the Ferry Repairs and Sale and a few other random documents including this one) –

Cen 19Cen 20



This meeting from March 2018 contains an interesting discussion/debate between MSB EMS Director 2 Ken Barkley and MatSu Central FSA Vice Chair Ken Slauson about cost sharing: