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Are the MSB employee benefits packages too generous?


The MSB offers generous benefits packages to its employees. Maybe too generous?

After 11 years of service, full time employees get 37 days (7.5 weeks) of personal leave! (They accrue 11.6378 hours per pay period. There are 26 pay periods per year.) Plus they also get 12 paid holidays! So they get a total of 49 paid days off per year.  Ladies & Gentlemen, that totals 9.8 weeks of paid time off per year. 

Employees with 0 to 1 years service get 19.5 personal leave days (plus the 12 holidays) which equals 6.3 weeks of paid time off per year.

Employees with 1 to 2 years service get 22.5 personal leave days (plus the 12 holidays) which equals 6.9 weeks of paid time off per year.

Employees with 3 to 5 years of service get 28.5 personal leave days (plus the 12 holidays) which equals 8.1 weeks of paid time off per year.

Employees with 6 to 10 years of service get 31.5 personal leave days (plus the 12 holidays) which equals 8.9 weeks of paid time off per year.

They only pay $236.88 per month for health insurance (and this includes family plans) plus $22 per month in optional dental & vision coverage and they have what has been described as “Cadillac Plans” – meaning many services are covered and the deductibles are low. 

This listing of employee benefits is from a newly posted job listing on the MSB’s website:

MSB benefits 1

MSB benefits 2

The following item is on the agenda for this week’s MSB Assembly meeting:

The MSB Clerk wants to offer the newly hired Deputy Clerk, who is a brand new MSB employee, the highest amount of leave as if she had worked at the MSB for many years.


NOTE: I was just thinking – this new Deputy Clerk ALREADY accepted the MSB job and began working on July 22nd…so there is no reason for the Assembly to give her this extra leave. She took the job without this guarantee. Or, maybe the real issue here is that the Clerk who hired the Deputy Clerk just assumes that the Assembly will rubber stamp this request weeks after the fact. 


Here is the Federal Gov’t’s leave accrual policy:

Annual paid days off range from 13 to 26.

Fed leave


Here is the State of Alaska’s leave accrual policy.

State Leave

Health Insurance and Dental & Vision Cost Comparisons:

The Mat-Su Borough School District has much higher rates for health coverage:

MSBSD health care options

The Federal Gov’t also charges much more for a family plan. Note – GEHA is dental insurance.

Fed Health amounts

Federal health 2

Here are the State of Alaska’s employee health and dental benefits plans:

State Health


  1. Macey Shapiro Macey Shapiro August 6, 2019

    These stats are not accurate when it comes to leave. Im at five years and just over two weeks of leave. Check your math please.

  2. An Alaskan An Alaskan August 7, 2019

    As an Alaskan of 56 years. It would be very interesting to see the per capita of Federal employees Vs Tax payers, State of Alaska Employees Vs Tax Payer, local small governments, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Mat Su Borough, Wasilla , Palmer. The Borough has many many dedicated employees not abusing credit cards, meals, and so many self gifted perks the iron throne allows for the top six or so. The non-exempt employees that serve the tax payers are spread very thin. These employees live under the rule of the iron throne and his kings guard they aren’t the issue nor corrupt.

    An Alaskan who cares.

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