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The Smoke Shack (was sneakily moved to a prime location)

Today, I happened to be over at the MSB gym and noticed…a new small building on the grass in a sort of nice spot and a new paved pathway leading to it from the MSB building.

What is this? A bus stop? NOPE.  It is the MSB’s “Smoke Shack.”

Hmmm…this wasn’t located here before…I seem to remember it being around back near the side parking lot. When did the MSB set this up here?


Here is the new walkway:


Why was this moved? Why/when/how much did we pay for this project?

Then I remembered that the MSB last year put out to bid a project to rehab the Dorothy Swanda Jones Parking Lot….but I didn’t remember seeing anything about the Smoke Shack in the Resolution approving the parking lot upgrades.

Here is the Resolution for the project:

Smoke shack AM

Moving the smoke shack to the front lawn isn’t mentioned.

The Resolution lists parking lot stuff and – ah, here it is – “other tasks” as described in the scope of work.

Here are the bid documents. If you look really carefully, you see that the MSB planned to move the “Smoke Shack” to its new, better location.

Why wasn’t this highlighted for the Assembly members? Why not ask them – hey, do you all agree with putting a Smoke Shack on the front lawn?

Who does this smoke shack benefit? I thought public buildings in Palmer were supposed to be  smoke free…Shouldn’t the entire MSB campus be smoke free – just like the State Fair? Why are the taxpayers even funding a smoke shack?

Which high level MSB staffer (or staffers) are smokers and may have advocated for the new Smoke Shack location?