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A mysterious company named “Alaska Environmental Preservation LLC” is buying 365 acres located next to the Knik Glacier from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority

This legal notice was published in today’s Frontiersman:

The Alaska Mental Health Land Trust is giving legal notice that it is selling – via a negotiated sale – not a public sale or land auction – a large parcel of land near Palmer. If anyone objects, they have until March 13th to send in their comments via email or regular mail etc. (See the notice for the addresses.)

I wondered – where is this 365 acre parcel exactly? Why wasn’t this a public auction sale?

It turns out that the 365 acre parcel is located near the eastern bank of the Knik River, right next to the Knik Glacier. The property also seems to have a lake on it.

I also looked into the supposed buyer – the “Alaska Environmental Preservation LLC.” However, this company is not registered as a corporation in Alaska. And if you google the company, the only thing that shows up is the above legal notice. So, it is a complete mystery as to who owns this company or where it is registered.

Update: I found a company with the name “AK Environmental Preservation LLC” registered in Wyoming. However the address is for a corporate the true owner is still a mystery:

Somehow I doubt that the “Alaska Environmental Preservation LLC” was set up to preserve this wilderness land near the glacier.

Methinks this must be some sort of tourism or real estate development company. (Or maybe some wealthy person simply wants to built a log cabin mansion with a billion dollar view.) The Knik River Glacier area, which used to be very sleepy, is now a hot bed of tourism. This development was inevitable as this glacier is just a one hour drive from Anchorage.

The Knik River Lodge at the end of Knik River Road expanded a couple of years ago. There are now air boat tours and helicopter tours and 4-wheeler tours etc. in this area.

The Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority’s website is very difficult to navigate. I finally found more information about this proposed sale:

Then I checked the Mat-Su Borough Parcel Viewer:

This is the parcel that is going to be sold by the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority. It is where the blue star is located. The parcel with the question mark has “no info” on the parcel viewer so it is impossible to figure out who owns it. It could be the MSB or the State. The parcel marked with the red star is the Knik River Lodge.

Here is a photo of the new Knik River Lodge Building:



  1. Lars Larson Lars Larson February 12, 2020

    Edit for the story: The lodge is named the Knik River Lodge, not the Knik Glacier Lodge.

    • Carl Hiers Carl Hiers February 13, 2020

      Do you know who the purchaser is?

  2. Michael Greiff Michael Greiff February 13, 2020

    Something smells fishy … time to use our nose to find out what the stink is. Follow the money

  3. Samantha Parker Samantha Parker February 13, 2020

    Could have something to do with the Jeep incident that happened near Knik earlier this year.

    • David G David G February 13, 2020

      You think a mysterious LLC is buying 365 acres of land because a Jeep fell through ice in a completely different area? How does that make any sense, whatsoever?

  4. John John February 13, 2020

    The interesting thing is that TLO is financing the sale themselves.
    These types of sales are fraught with issues. What happens if the purchasers clear cut the lot, scrape for a big project then leave? TLO has not been paid and has a mess of cost associated.
    Or the property is contaminated and then Environmental Preservation stops making payments and abandons the site. See Perl Island Ranch Alaska Supreme Court case

  5. Brit Lively Brit Lively February 19, 2020

    Mountain tops belong to the public. If a public property is attempted to be sold, such as a mountain or just the mountain top, the government needs to include such an issue during a regular election for that area and allow residents to vote.

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