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Better Uses for the Bed Tax

bed in a tree


This was posted on Borough Budget Watch on Feb 7, 2019:

The (proposed but not yet built) Gateway Visitors Center.

Jesse Sumner made some great points in his closing comments at this week’s Assembly meeting. Everyone should go take a listen. He pointed out that the old Visitors Center has been closed for a while now but this has not negatively affected tourism. Tourism has increased each year. So why should we build a new Visitor Center? Times have changed. People don’t visit these types of places so much anymore. Also, maybe we need to rethink how we divide up the bed tax. We let the MSBCVB keeps most of it.

I found this page in the 2015 report “Economic Benefits of Trails, Parks and Open Spaces” by Earth Economics which was commissioned by the MSB when it was trying to rally support for the 2016 Rec & Trails Bond.

Earth Economics study

Earth Economics title page