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The MSB wants to get in on the Wetlands Mitigation Regulation game

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Assembly member Jim Sykes is introducing a Resolution (19-074) at the upcoming MSB Assembly meeting regarding developing a local regulatory scheme for Wetlands Mitigation.



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RS 19-074

IM 19-138

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As a reminder – the MSB has been trying to be a player in the Wetlands Mitigation game for many years without much success.  We co-own a Wetlands Mitigation Bank (with a private partner – the terms of which are ridiculously unfair) but we haven’t sold any credits in many years.

Laughing all the way to the Wetlands Mitigation Bank $$$

Now – the MSB is trying a new approach. If we can’t sell Wetlands Mitigation Banking Credits, maybe instead we can become a regulator too – just like the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Note – recently, the U.S. Army Corps has not been requiring as much wetlands mitigation:

The MSB has hired a consultant to assist us.  Gail Terzi is a former official with the Federal Gov’t who led the Seattle District’s Mitigation Program.

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Here are highlights from her presentation in March:

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According to the Meeting Minutes, the conservative members of the Assembly – Jesse Sumner & Ted Leonard – were not very interested in regulating wetlands on the local level:

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