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More info on “AK Environmental Preservation LLC” – the proposed buyer of the Knik Glacier acreage

It turns out that “Alaska Environmental Preservation LLC” is owned by Chad Emswiler of Alaska.

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Mr. Emswiler incorporated the company in Wyoming on Jan 20, 2020. However, when he initially applied to purchase the land from the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, he applied in his own name.

Here is his application for the Mental Health Trust land:

Mr. Enswiler states that the proposed use of the land is “commercial” but he goes on to explain that he may develop the land in conjunction with “Elias Rain” a non profit he founded a few years ago with a few other people.

Here is a link to the website for Elias Rain:

Here is the Facebook page but it doesn’t seem too active:

Mr. Enswiler is connected to several corporations in Alaska:

Mr. Enswiler owns Alpha Aviation – a helicopter company. This company gives helicopter tours around SouthCentral Alaska including Knik Glacier.

Alpha Aviation purchased Anchorage Helicopter Tours last year. Here is an article from Alaska Business Monthly:

In the Spring of 2019, Alpha Aviation d/b/a Anchorage Helicopter Tours applied to the Alaska Dept of Natural Resources to run BOAT tours out of LAKE GEORGE in Palmer (Butte area)…They noted that they planned to access the lake via HELICOPTER:

Mr. Enswiler is also interested in business opportunities surrounding Heli-Biking. Here is an article in Alaska magazine which quotes him:

Mr. Enswiler has a pending criminal Misdemeanor case re: harassing game with a motorized vehicle. Not sure what type of motorized vehicle. One count is from Healy; one from Ninilchik:


  1. Michelle Michelle February 14, 2020

    Probably wanting to keep it quiet because of the nature of the ministry.

    • Colleen Colleen February 18, 2020

      Why weren’t Alaskan notified of this sale ahead of time. I smell a lot of RATS. Ministry for what??
      Alot of child trafficking going on through religions.

    • tiffany bazarewski tiffany bazarewski February 18, 2020

      There is no ministry. It’s a sham. Chad has had that property for more than 4 years that he bought with his wife’s money and not one victim has been rescued by Chad’s bogus ministry/tax shelter. Follow the money. Chad Emswiler is a fraud.

  2. Tony Watson Tony Watson February 14, 2020

    Why is Mr. Enswiler’s land transaction such an uproar? It’s not illegal to make a land purchase without telling the world.

    • Larry Wood Larry Wood February 15, 2020

      Well, that all of this is non-profits is a good way to hide profits, all to his benefit, I’m sure. If this does some good good, fine. Another Outsider using the system. Alaskan? 30 day residency.

      • Larry Wood Larry Wood February 15, 2020

        Should say, Well, then, all of the non-profits . . . geez. Time to say beddie-by.

  3. StandForAlaska StandForAlaska February 15, 2020

    This is absolutely prized land that either should have been sold for more money through auction or through dividing and selling as the mental health trust typically does. They may have sold it to him either as some insider deal or he pulled the wool over their eyes by creating a fake non profit in order to get special treatment (land). From which now he can build a heli biking, heli skiing whatever lodge looking over Lake George and the glacier. The ol bait and switch.

    Why should we care? Well the trust should be maximizing the value of land at every opportunity. Its purpose is to cover the high costs of mental health in the state. Therefor everyone should care that every sale is actually maximizing the value of the land so the state (and its taxpayers) aren’t spending as much for mental health services. If this parcel went up for auction the value would far exceed what is being proposed in the sale. This has a very picturesque lake on it with stunning views of the glacier and essentially road access. Subdivide and sell for millions overall easily.

    Would you pay $1,000 an acre for lake front & / or river front, easily accessible with stunning views of a glacier. At the end of a road and surrounded by parkland within an hour of Anchorage? I think just about every person and corporation in the state would be chomping at the bit considering people pay 10,000 an acre for swamp in the middle of no where at state / mental health land auctions.

  4. tiffany bazarewski tiffany bazarewski February 17, 2020

    The non-profit Elias Rain is a shell company. that Chad Emswiler has used as a tax shelter since the get-go. Chad Emswiler has swindled money from donors for this make-shift “ministry” where he has not rescued or ministered to one single sex trafficking victim on site. His sister Malea was paid a handsome salary to travel to the east coast for training, when she could have been trained by Priceless in-state for about $80 in one weekend. And he just lost the McCarthy property in his divorce because he used his ex-wife’s 401K to buy that property where Elias Rain. Chad Emswiler is being investigated by several federal and state agencies, including the F.A.A. and the U.S. Parks Service for flying under bridges and grazing grizzly bears with is helicopter, often with his children onboard.

    • Kenneth Kenneth June 12, 2020

      Do you have any more info on Chad’s McCarthy property he lost in the divorce?
      Was it the 80 acres called Flower Lakes up the Chitina River near Paul Claus’ lodge?

  5. Kenneth Kenneth June 10, 2020

    Tiffany or Anyone,
    Do you have more information on the McCarthy property Chad lost in his divorce?
    Was this the 80 acres called Flower Lakes up the Chitina River near Paul Claus’ lodge?
    Does his wife own it now or still True North Real Estate? Another one of Chad’s companies.

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