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Personal Use Vehicles and other Perks


The Mat-Su Borough Manager, Attorney, and Clerk are the only three employees who report directly to the Assembly.  This “triumvirate” is clearly in charge of the MSB and their employment contracts and perks make this clear.

Each of these employees is allowed a “Personal Use” vehicle with all expenses covered including unlimited gas.  The Manager has had this perk since he arrived at the MSB.  The Attorney got this item added to his contract in 2011.  The Clerk got a car added to her contract in 2017 (although she has yet to obtain the car.)  These three employees also have expense accounts. A review of their monthly credit card statements shows that all three of them charge meals to the taxpayers on a regular basis. (Simon and Seafort’s, the Inn Cafe Steakhouse, etc.)

Moreover, the salaries of these three has increased much faster than inflation. Below are copies of their employment contracts and vehicle information.

The first set of documents includes the MSB Clerk’s employment contract and the MSB Attorney’s employment contract and his vehicle information.  The second set of records are for the MSB Manager.




The MSB Manager, John Moosey, was hired in May 2011 at a salary of $165K per year plus a personal use automobile and moving expenses (15K plus a housing allowance of $1500 for first three months).  His salary increased to $171,600 in 2012; $175,890 in 2013; $181,166 in 2014; and $184,427 in 2015.

The Manager’s total compensation for FY2017 was $199,000.

Vehicle and gas records are included.  Mr. Moosey is driving a Ford Escape which cost $24,377 new in 2013.

The MSB Clerk was hired in January 2008 at a salary of $80,000 per year.  Her salary increased to 83K effective Jan 2009 and $86,320 effective August 2009; $90K – August 2010; 96K (plus a bonus of $3600) in 2011; $105K plus for the first time a car allowance of $300 per month in 2012; $105K (with a bonus of 3K in lieu of a raise and the car allowance) in 2013; $111K (plus $3600/yr car allowance) in 2014; $112,998 (plus the $3600 car allowance) in 2015; $116,048 (plus the $3600 car allowance) in 2016; and same salary plus Personal Use automobile (instead of car allowance) in 2017.

The Clerk’s total compensation for FY2017 was $126,000.

The MSB Attorney was hired in June 2006 at a salary of $90K per year.  His salary increased as follows:  2007 – $98,000; 2008 – $112,500; 2009 – up 5% from that; 2010 – up 4% from current salary; 2011 – $135,000 PLUS for the first time a personal use vehicle.  “The MSB will provide a vehicle for Mr. Spiropoulos’ official and personal use and all expenses thereof.” 2012 – salary up 4%; 2013 – salary increased “$4,300 over current level.” 2014 – salary increased to $152,000;  2015 – salary increased 1.8% to $154,736;  2016 – salary increased 5% PLUS THERE IS A PROVISION that the Attorney can receive extra pay for “overtime.” (Why is a professional employee with an annual salary getting “overtime pay”??) “Mr. Spiropoulos shall be entitled to overtime or compensatory time for every hour over 40 hours worked per week in the same manner as hourly borough to 120 hours of overtime worked per calendar year.”  This 2016 Amendment also increased the notice requirement to six months.  Previously, the MSB had to give him 60 days notice if terminating his employment contract. Now the MSB has to give 6 months notice in the event they choose to terminate his contract.

The Attorney’s total compensation in FY2017 was $175,000.

The Attorney ordered and received a new 2017 Ford Explorer in June 2017. The cost was just over $30,000 (but this is not the retail value of the vehicle because the MSB traded in his 2011 Ford Explorer and the value of the 2011 vehicle is not listed. According to KBB, the trade-in value would be about 11K.)   The gas records are also included.

Here is the Assembly Meeting from July 2011 where the Attorney was given a vehicle.  At that meeting (held mostly in executive session – his annual evaluation), Assembly member Jim Colver moved to increase the Atty’s salary to 130K per year and then Assembly member Vern Halter moved to increase it to 135K.

MOTION: Assembly member Colver moved to increase the Borough Attorney yearly salary to $130,000 and to provide a vehicle in the same manner as the Borough
Manager’s contract.
MOTION: Assembly member Halter moved a primary amendment to strike “$130,000” and insert in its place “$135,000.”
Assemblymember Halter:
• opined that Mr. Spiropoulos is worth the extra five thousand dollars;
• noted that wages for this type of position command a much higher salary in the State and private sectors; and
• stated that Mr. Spiropoulos has the experience the Assembly requires to perform their duties.

Assemblymember Keogh queried if there is funding within the budget.
Mr. Spiropoulos affirmed the query.

VOTE: The primary amendment passed without objection.
VOTE: The main motion passed as amended without objection.

060711 spc mtg mins atty annual eval


The MSB owns dozens and dozens of vehicles.  Many are parked at the Dorothy Jones Swanda Building in downtown Palmer.  Others are parked at the Kremlin (the Capital Projects building) located down the street and at the Public Works compound off the Glenn Highway.

Why can’t the MSB Attorney, Clerk and Manager borrow a fleet vehicle if they need to go somewhere?  (And by the way, how often do the Clerk and Attorney travel anyways??)

Update: Email exchange about this issue:




There were 22 vehicles (Trucks and SUVs) parked in the MSB parking lot on Sunday, August 13, 2017.  These all seem to be available.  Why can’t the attorney, clerk, and manager drive to work in their own vehicle and then simply borrow a MSB fleet vehicle if they need to go somewhere on MSB business?

MSB vehicles

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