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The MSB Animal Control Budget – Is it out of control?

Here is the Manager’s Proposed Budget for the Animal Care & Regulation Division for FY 2020.

The MSB budget will be debated at Assembly meetings over the next few weeks.

The total budget for this division is almost $2.6 million.  About $2 million of this amount is for salaries, wages and benefits.

Animal Shelter budget 1Animal Care budget 2animal Care budget 3

The Animal Shelter is located near the landfill just off the Palmer-Wasilla highway.  It is a fairly new building – designed by Wolf Architecture. This is from Wolf’s website:

Assembly Member Jesse Sumner has submitted an Amendment seeking some cuts to the Animal Care Division budget:

Animal Shelter Sumner Amendment

Animal activists complained on social media about this proposed Amendment:

In turn, Assembly member Tam Boeve (in the 2nd packet of Amendments) has submitted her own proposed Amendments to the Animal Care & Regulation budget:

The MSB Manager the other day issued a memo analyzing all proposed Amendments.  Not surprisingly, he is supporting his own proposed budget against any cuts:

Animal Shelter Moosey

But is Moosey exaggerating? Would a reduction really reduce the Animal Division’s employees to FOUR?

FYI – There are 14 full time (equivalent) employees working for Animal Control now:

Animal Care Employees

Maybe we are overpaying our Animal Shelter employees?

Here is info from the internet about the average pay of an animal control officer.

Animal Control Officer 1

Here are screen shots of what the Mat-Su Borough is paying some of our Animal Care & Control Division employees.

This info is from the Alaska Policy Forum.  This week they released info of 2017 MSB salaries and benefits.  I don’t think I took screen shots of every Animal Control Division employee – but here are some of them.

The MSB’s animal control officers are making well over 100K in combined salaries and benefits.

animal Control officer 9Animal Control officer 8animal control officer 7Animal Control officer 6animal control officer 5Animal Control officer 4animal control officer 3animal control officer 2