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MSB is failing to disclose small & sole source contracts


The Mat-Su Borough Assembly used to require the MSB Staff/Purchasing Office to file a monthly report disclosing all new contracts (and all amended contracts) under 100K and all sole source procurements.

The MSB stopped providing this information in the Assembly meeting packets a few years ago. I have sent several emails to the MSB manager (and various other MSB folks) asking why the MSB is no longer issuing these Informational Memorandums. However, I have gotten no answers.

This disclosure requirement was put in place by the Assembly in approx 2005 when the Assembly voted to allow the Manager to approve contracts under 100K.  The Assembly used to approve all contracts over 20K…so when they voted to increase this amount to 100K, it was with the understanding that the Manager/Purchasing Director would disclose all contracts.  (As soon as I find the Ordinances and Resolutions I will post them.)

I recently discussed this issue with a former Assembly member who was on the Assembly when this requirement was put into place.  He was surprised and aghast that the MSB was not abiding by this requirement.

Here is an example from October 18, 2011:

contractsContracts 2

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