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“There are no records responsive to this request.”

vintage office

This is the MSB’s new catch phrase.  It is how they are responding to many of my recent Public Records Requests.  No explanations. No specifics.  No apologies. Just – a one line response “There are no records responsive to this request.”

Here are my April records requests. The theme was CONSULTANTS.

April PRR

And here were the MSB’s responses to 3 of these 4 requests. I have not gotten a response yet for Request #1.

Apparently, NavNorth didn’t have any expenses (despite the fact that their contract allowed them to recoup expenses):

No records Responsive NavNorthNo Records Responsive NavNorth 2

Apparently, Robert Sheldon wasn’t hired as a consultant (despite the fact that he traveled to Tokyo Japan in 2015 with the MSB contingent) and also, the MSB won’t reveal any expenses paid for him (even though I already know the MSB paid for his plane ticket to Japan due to my credit card requests..I guess the MSB doesn’t want to admit they paid for his plane ticket and I guess the MSB didn’t pay for his food or lodging while he was in Japan.)

No Records Responsive Sheldon 1No REcords Responsive Sheldon 2

Apparently, the MSB doesn’t know anyone named AMY LUCAS. (She was listed in several credit card entries as some sort of consultant on Oil and Gas issues over the past few years…but I guess the MSB isn’t going to tell the public what she did for us.)

no Records Responsive Amy Lucas 1No REcords Responsive Amy Lucas 2