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The Port Terminal Building…seems to be used by the MSB as an event space

Port Mac

Here is a photo of the “Port MacKenzie” Terminal Building which was completed in 2006 at a cost of $4.5 million.

It is a 7,000 sq foot building with a terminal set up downstairs and office space upstairs plus kitchenette and showers and full utilities. It is for lease to entities connected to the Port. 

From the Port Mac Master Plan: A 7,000-square foot ferry terminal building was constructed in 2006 at the southeast end of the barge dock. The ferry terminal building includes ticketing counters, waiting areas, office space, storage, restroom areas, and will offer a fast commute for contractors working at Port MacKenzie.

There are few (if any!) photos of this building on the MSB’s website.  Below is a sketch I found on another website (after a lot of digging.)

port terminal bldg

How is the MSB currently using this building? I don’t believe there are any current tenants at the moment.  And, it is obviously not being used as a Ferry Terminal because 1) we no longer have a ferry and 2) the proposed ferry service to Anchorage never materialized anyways.

When I asked this question on the Facebook Group “Borough Budget Watch,” someone responded: “After hours club.”

I was curious if the MSB is using this building  for events for themselves..because they sometimes use the Government Peak Ski Chalet for employee parties..and this Port Terminal Building which is right on the water also seems to be a great venue.  Plus, in  one of the documents included in a recent public records request I received from the MSB, I found a reimbursement claim for an Assembly member for mileage to attend a “BBQ at the Port” in August 2016. 

I wondered what event he attended and sure enough, I found this: 

Here MSB and City of Wasilla jointly hosted a dinner for the Alaska Municipal League in the summer of 2016.


Old MSB Press Release:

Ferry TerminalFerry Terminal 2