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The Rail Spur…$184 million and counting…

This is information from the MSB’s 2015 CAFR.  It lists the total amount of money allocated and spent for the Point Mac Rail Spur.  These amounts, which are primarily from State of Alaska grants, total $184 million. (There were no State grants after 2015 because that is when the State cut its Capital Budget to practically nothing.)

In addition to the continued development of the industrial district of Port MacKenzie, the Borough is working with the Alaska Railroad to construct a railspur.

They completed a $10 million environmental study to extend the Alaska Railroad 39 miles from Willow to Port Mackenzie.

The Borough also previously acquired $17.5 million to start construction on the rail loop in the Port District.

In July 2010, $35 million more was received for the next phase. This phase constructed 8.1 miles of rail embankment, purchased right-of-way for the remaining rail extension and engineered the route selected by the Environmental Impact Study.

In July 2011,we received another $30 million. These funds were utilized to continue the construction of another 6.5 miles of the rail embankment and to acquire additional right-of-ways.

In July 2012, we received an additional $23.5 million which was for a 4.8 mile section of the project.

Additionally $30 million was approved in a State bond package that was issued in 2013. Those funds were utilized to construct 6.1 miles. Construction began in June 2013.

For fiscal year 2014 the State granted $25 million for the next phase of the project.

And in fiscal year 2015 we received an additional grant in the amount of $13 million. This rail spur will greatly increase natural resource development within the Valley and rail freight transport through the Port.

We have used up almost all of these funds.  I ordered public records from the State for all of the remaining open grants to find out more about how this money was spent.

There are three grants that are not yet closed out – 15-DC-1-4; 14-DC-086; and 13-DC-630 – so it was easiest for the records clerk to send me information from these grants (for the closed grants, she would have had to access the State archives.)

13-DC-630 Grant Agreement and Amendments

13-DC-630 Report 34 – 1

13-DC-630 Report 64 – 36

14-DC-086 Grant Agreement and Amendment

14-DC-086 Reports 20 – 1

14-DC-086 Reports 52 -21

15-DC-104 Grant Agreement

15-DC-104 Reports 1-38