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Palmer City Council member Sabrena Combs hosts a “Love, Sex, and Relationship Advice” podcast with Jeff Landfield

Jeff Landfield, the owner and publisher of the website The Alaska Landmine, hosts a regular podcast called “Landmine Radio.” He interviews all sorts of politicians and government leaders for his podcast. The Landmine website and podcast can be very good – when Jeff is not making everything about himself (which is quite often.)

As part of the podcast, he and his longtime friend, Sabrena Combs, a current Palmer City Council member as well as a member of umpteen million boards in the Mat-Su Valley, host occasional episodes called “Landmine Love.”

Some of these episodes are fairly explicit. Take a listen for yourselves. Lots of TMI! Does the public really need to know so much about Jeff and Sabrena’s personal lives? Does the public really need “love, sex, and relationship” advice from these two??

The MatsuMuckraker is baffled as to why a local government official thinks participating in these podcasts and OVER SHARING is a good idea. It seems to show a lack of good judgement or class.

Here are photos of Sabrena and Jeff that the Alaska Landmine posted on their Facebook page recently of the pre-legislative session “Roast of Jeff Landfield” fundraiser held at a bar in Anchorage. Sabrena was the MC.

These folks seem to think they are cool & hip & funny. Or are they just tacky?? Something to think about over your morning cheerios.

Jeff Landfield posing in a “bathing suit”


  1. Pearl S. Clutching Pearl S. Clutching February 29, 2020

    Ok Boomer

  2. AkThruthTeller AkThruthTeller February 29, 2020

    Methinks you protest overmuch.

    It is better your elected officials are genuine and frank rather than pious and fake.

  3. Scott Christiansen Scott Christiansen March 2, 2020

    This will pass. There’s competition among people who give relationship advice. It’s a space already occupied.

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