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MSB paid Palmer Tower LLC $500,000 to lease warehouse space

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The MSB, which is in the process of purchasing the Tommy Moe building in downtown Wasilla for $1,285,000, paid the owner – Palmer Tower LLC – almost $500,000 to lease a portion of this building – the warehouse space in the back – for the past 11 years.

Blog Post Tommy Moe bldg purchase & land exchange:

This “Land Exchange” proposal is malodorous


Palmer Tower 500K new

Here is the original six month lease which was signed in Nov 2007. The MSB leased a section the warehouse for $1500 a month. At first this was a six month lease, and then it was extended to an ongoing month to month lease. NOTE: The MSB agreed to pay for most of the utilities (heat, electric, telephone, snow removal.)

Tommy Moe Lease a


Tommy Moe lease a1

Tommy Moe Lease a2

Then, in February, 2010, the MSB decided to lease all of the warehouse space – not just a section of it and the rent increased from $1500 a month to $4,000 a month.

Tommy Moe Lease b

Here are the complete documents – leases and invoices:

PRR Stroup RE Tommy Moe Building Payments 10-2007 – 7-2019

PRR Stroup re Tommy Moe Building Lease

UPDATE – Well, this is peculiar.  According to these minutes from a recent Central MatSu FSA Board of Supervisors meeting (main fire dept in MSB), the Tommy Moe building was built in 2007 with the intention of it being the Emergency Operations Center. Hmm…why did a private entity build something specifically for a gov’t purpose?

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