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Manager’s Confidential Memos Update (and the most recent and final secret MEMO)

The MSB fulfilled my Public Records request for copies of the Internal or “Confidential” Manager’s Memos to the Assembly.  These are the memos (which come with lots of attachments) that the Manager shared with the Assembly on a regular basis – but which were “not for distribution” to the public.  (I will post them all soon.)

Here is my post revealing the existence of these memos and complaining that these memos violated the open meetings act:

Here is the most recent (and final) Manager’s Memo.  It is dated January 17, 2019.

Click link to read through all the pages.


FYI – The Mayor’s assistant explained when she sent these records to me today that the Manager will no longer produce these confidential memos and instead, all of the information he shares with the Assembly will be posted on the public “Manager’s Report” on the MSB’s website:

Manager's Memos Final

Here are highlights from the most recent and final memo:

NOTE: The MSB may now be paying the GPRA tenant instead of the other way around!!

MM Jan 17 2019 1MM Jan 17 2019 2MM Jan 17 2019 3


The following pages are from the attachments to the Memo.

The MSB has terminated the Timber contract.  Denali Timber Mgmt never paid the MSB anything!MM Highlights 2

The MSB has spent almost $6 million on “maintenance and repairs” for the PORT since 2011 (and mostly since 2015).  This $ was not to build the Port or Docks – just to maintain and repair them.

MM highlights 4

There is a lengthy Cyber Attack analysis attached to the Memo:

MM Highlights 3