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“Crevasse Moraine Neighbors United” has numerous complaints about MSB’s management of the Central Landfill and is opposed to Leachate, Septage or Waste to Energy Facilities being located there

Some residents who live in close proximity to the Mat-Su Central Landfill have formed a group called “Crevasse Moraine Neighbors United” to push for reforms at the landfill facility. They are also opposed to any Leachate, Septage or Waste to Energy Facilities being built at the landfill site.

Map of the Crevasse Moraine area. Red circle is approximate location of proposed Septage Facility

This group sent a letter dated July 6, 2019, to the State Department of Environmental Conservation as well as to the Mat-Su Borough Manager, Mayor, Public Works Director, the MSB project engineer who is also the chair of the Septage & Wastewater Board, and all of the Assembly members outlining their concerns.

NOTE: This letter was only posted on the MSB’s website today for the very first time. See more below.

To summarize: “Crevasse Moraine Neighbors United” are concerned about blowing trash, bird-carried trash, spruce bark beetles, noise, traffic, safety, noxious smells and methane gas.

These neighbors say that their complaints to the ADEC and the MSB have gone unanswered.

Map of roads near the Central Landfill

It is interesting to note that this letter was ONLY available on the MSB website as of today. It was an attachment to the new Septage Facility RFP. When the RFP first issued a few weeks ago, this letter was supposed to be Attachment C – but it was missing. Conveniently. So I had to email the MSB and they fixed it today.

However, why wasn’t this IMPORTANT letter included in a MSB Wastewater and Septage Advisory Board meeting packet? Or better yet, why wasn’t it included in a MSB Assembly packet?

The answer is that the MSB never, ever, ever wants the public to see or hear anything that is negative about the MSB.

There is a regular section in the Assembly meeting packets for “Citizens and other Correspondence.” Despite this title, the MSB never includes anything except board and community council meeting minutes in that section.

The Wastewater & Septage Advisory board meets monthly but there have not been many formal meeting packets posted online lately. However, it is important that all documents handed out at meetings be posted online for the public to be able to review. And if a document is a last-minute document, it should be posted online after the meeting. The “Crevasse Moraine Neighbors United” group’s letter was passed out at the August 8th meeting – “to review LATER” – but not posted online at all.