MSB Credit Card statements Nov 2017 thru Feb 2018 with highlights

The MSB is still spending a lot of money on food and travel.  Not as much as before I started doing these public records requests, but still too much. MSB Credit Cards Nov 2017 - Feb 2018 Scan_20180330_111000 (1) Here are some highlights from the above statements: The MSB Manager John Moosey had a nice… Continue reading MSB Credit Card statements Nov 2017 thru Feb 2018 with highlights

Shhh….Beluga Whales don’t like noise

The MSB has issued an RFP for the additional repairs to the Port MacKenzie dock. 18-100B: PORT MACKENZIE CELL DOCK REPAIRS PHASE II Issue Date: February 23, 2018 10:15 am Pre-Bid: March 07, 2018 11:30 am in the Port Mackenzie Building Sealed Bid Due: April 03, 2018 02:30 pm Sealed Bids Opened: April 03, 2018… Continue reading Shhh….Beluga Whales don’t like noise

Community Councils

(Norman Rockwell's famous 1940 "New England town meeting" painting.) Community Councils are an important part of local government. Here is a list of the MSB community councils and their websites and/or Facebook pages. Note: I will try to keep this list and the links updated.   Big Lake Community Council   Buffalo Mine/Soapstone Community… Continue reading Community Councils

Smart Communities (Is this a smart use of money?)

The MSB is leading up a new program called the "Alaska Smart Communities Forum." The group meets quarterly.  Here are agendas from some recent meetings. The MSB hosted a meeting on January 30, 2018, at the Atwood Conference Center  in Anchorage and one in October, 2017, in Palmer.  (Breakfast and Lunch provided by the MSB.)  … Continue reading Smart Communities (Is this a smart use of money?)

UFVs and UFOs

There is a Planning Commission Meeting on April 2, 2018 and UFVs and UFOs are on the agenda. Resolution 18-09 is being introduced.  The MSB planning staff is advising the Planning Commission to adopt this resolution recommending that the MSB Assembly approve Ordinance 18-021. What is Ordinance 18-021??? An amendment/update to MSB Code exempting Unmanned Flying… Continue reading UFVs and UFOs

The MSB’s “Internal Auditor”…What exactly is this position and where are the “Internal Audit” reports?

The Municipality of Anchorage has an Internal Auditor.  The MOA's website explains: The primary focus of Internal Audit is to assist the Mayor and the Municipal Assembly in ensuring that proper accountability is maintained over public funds and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Municipal government within the constraints of the Anchorage Municipal Code.… Continue reading The MSB’s “Internal Auditor”…What exactly is this position and where are the “Internal Audit” reports?