The Port Repairs are never ending

The MSB is seeking more money for the Port repair project at the upcoming Assembly Meeting (Oct 16, 2018):

The Port Repair project seems to be never-ending.

Here is a MSB press release from December 2015:

Port press release dec 2015

Below are some comprehensive articles late 2016 and early 2017 about the continuing problems:

Here is a 2017 MSB Port budget presentation with photos showing some damage to the dock:

Port slides fy2017portassemblybudgetpresentation

Here are charts (from 2017 – last available online) of completed and ongoing projects at the Port:Port Mac completed projects Feb 2017

Port Mac current projects feb 2017


1999 – 2003 – Port is Built

December 2015 – MSB Assembly approves $2.5 million for emergency repairs.

May 2016 – Initial repairs are completed.  Contractors are Orion & PND.

October 2016 – These repairs fail.

Jan. 2017 – MSB’s insurance company Chubb denies the claim for the original damage asserting that the damage started when dock was built years earlier

The MSB uses some of the leftover initial repair money and approves more money to conduct long term repairs.

Spring of 2017: MSB starts long term repair process consisting of Phase I and Phase II

Phase I was Sandstrom with PND as engineers

Sandstrom’s contract is for $532,357

Spring/Summer 2018:

Phase II (ongoing) is Orion Marine with Moffat & Nichol as engineers/construction management.

Orion’s contact is for just over $2 million

Moffat & Nichol’s contract to supervise Phase II of the 2018 repairs has increased from the initial contract amount of $96,838 to a new total of $312,288 (after two extensions.)

Here are the relevant Port Commission Meeting Minutes.

FALL 2015:






Here are the relevant RFPs and Ordinances and Resolutions:

Port costs 2017 and 2018

Here is the $2 million contract for Orion Marine:

Port Orion bid


Here is first extension for Moffat & Nichol:


Here is initial contract with Sandstrom:


The Port has no Ship Traffic

Port Mac Ship traffic as of 2018

This chart was in a recent Port Commission meeting package (or this may have been in some of the FERC documents). Since 2015, there has been very little traffic at the Port.

One barge visited in the summer of 2016.

No ships visited in 2017.

Two barges visited in 2018.

The Orion Marine barge is there simply because it is needed for the Dock repairs:


Lunch Money

lunch lost in space

The Mat-Su Borough leaders love to dine on the taxpayers’ dimes.  Despite making very good salaries (and receiving fabulous retirement and health benefits), the Manager, Clerk, Attorney, and Directors, all of whom have MSB credit cards, often dine out at local restaurants on workdays.

It is understandable that these folks, when travelling on MSB business, can’t brown bag it, but many of them feel entitled to eat lunch locally using the MSB credit cards so long as MSB “business” is discussed.

Is this right?

Here are many recent examples:

Lunch 1Lunch 2Lunch 3Lunch 4Lunch 5Lunch 6Lunch 7lunch 8Lunch 9Lunch 10Lunch 11Lunch 13Lunch 14Lunch 15Lunch 16Lunch 17Lunch 18Lunch 19Lunch 20Lunch 21Lunch 22Lunch 23Lunch 24Lunch 25Lunch 26Lunch 27Lunch 28Lunch 29Lunch 30Lunch 31Lunch 32Lunch 33Lunch 34Lunch 35Lunch 36

Here are more examples going back a couple of years:

Lun 8Lun 2Lun 5Lun 4Lun 1Lun 10Lun 3Lun 11Lun 9Lun 14Lun 15Lun 7Lun 18Lun 16Lun 17Lun 6Lun 22Lun 21Lun 23Lun 20Lun 26Lun 12Lun 19Lun 24Lun 27Lun 25




MSB Credit Card statements March – August 2018 (includes China Trade Trip expenses)

Here are the Mat-Su Borough’s credit card statements for the months of March, April, May, June, July and August 2018.

2018.10.03 PRR CC Statements STROUP

Here are some highlights:


Mayor Vern Halter, Manager John Moosey, and Assembly Member Randall Kowalke were the three MSB reps who went on this trip.  It is unclear if the MSB had to pay the $3,000 fee in addition to paying for their own airfare, hotels, and food.

China Trade Mission

Here are the China trip expenses from the MSB credit card statements.  The grand total (if my calculations are correct) was $14,520.17.  There may be other charges out there.  Sometimes, the MSB pays through vendors and/or reimbursements.

UPDATE 10/05/2018: The MSB Manager’s Asst responded to my email and confirmed that the MSB also paid 9K to the State to participate (3K for each participant.)

So, the running total for this trip is now: $23,520.17.

China 1china 2china 4China 5China 6China 7China 8China 9China 10China 11


Manager John Moosey bought himself a new ipad for just over a thousand dollars from the Apple store.

john moosey ipad

Manager Moosey also bought camera equipment and flowers. (The camera equip may be for the PR office.)

Moosey camera and flowers

John Moosey goes out to lunch a LOT on the MSB’s dime. (This is written into his contract; IIRC, he is allowed approx. $400 per month in “expenses.”)

The Manager and Mayor attended the summer AML conference at Denali:

Moosey Denali bluffs

The MSB Attorney Nicholas Spiropoulos had a lunch to discuss confidential items with R.K. (Randall Kowalke) at the Palmer City Alehouse.  I guess the items were okay to discuss at a public restaurant.  Nick also had lunch at the Alehouse with JM (John Moosey) to discuss “MSB issues.” Don’t these people have offices at the MSB Dorothy Swanda building? (We paid millions and millions to remodel and expand this building.) Of course the MSB Manager and MSB Attorney should be discussing MSB issues because um, that is what we pay them to do – but why can’t they pay for their own lunches from their hefty salaries?? Nick lunches with RK and JM

The MSB’s IT Director Eric Wyatt attended a conference in Phoenix in February (which is a very nice time to get away from Alaska) and he expensed several lunch meetings at the Colony Inn Cafe steakhouse (conveniently located right next to MSB building; but sadly, it just closed) as well as costly meals related to the Cyber attack:

Eric Wyatt 1Eric Wyatt 2Eric Wyatt 3Eric Wyatt 4Eric Wyatt 5


Letter from Concerned Citizen re: MSB Emergency Services


Date: September 17,2018

Copies sent to the following:

Major: Vern Halter

Borough Manager: John Moosey

Deputy Borough Manager: George Hays

MSB Assembly

Jim Sykes

Matthew Beck

George McKee

Ted Leonard

Dan Mayfield

Barbara Doty

Randall Kowalke

City of Palmer City Council 


Frontiersman Editor

Current & former employee comments regarding the Leadership!   

The barriers to effective leadership was not knowing how to communicate with their people. Maybe the leader didn’t listen enough or they weren’t approachable or accessible. Or maybe they didn’t know how to articulate themselves or they were socially withdrawn. Having effective communication skills is vital when it comes to leadership. MSB EMS Responder.

Informal leaders who are attempting to share ideas are shot down. One of the barriers to effective leadership in the department, according to the responder, was that there is not enough freedom for free thinking leaders. Informal leaders are squashed and supervisory or positional leaders are very threatened by them. As a formal leader, don’t use your positional power to try to keep people in line. Use your positive influence, your vision, and your role model example. MSB EMS Responder. 

Regardless of their position, whether it was a EMT, Paramedic, Driver, Captain, or Command Staff, they weren’t free enough in the department to really put their ideas out there, or say what’s wrong, or what needs to be fixed because they’re afraid they’ll be retaliated against. People need to feel safe in coming forward with their ideas, suggestions, and input. And if you’re the one coming forward, you need to do it with respect and humility. MSB EMS Responder.                                 

I hope these introductory remarks seized your attention because I am writing to you in concerns to a grave and possible catastrophic situation that is occurring within the MSB emergency services under the Assembly’s and Directors watch.  I am speaking in concerns to the state of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to be specific.

I was employed with MSB EMS and have been involved with emergency services for over the past 15 years in various functions throughout the lower 48, and recently in Alaska. It is not until recently I have observed the magnitude of damages and destruction the MSB is currently on under the current management. Presently, EMS is in severe disarray and in danger of failing to deliver adequate services to the public. The MSB is suffering from severe staffing shortages and deficiencies with on-call and full-time employees resigning, quitting, or being terminated daily due to the hostile working conditions, and lack of support from management. Over the past 15 years I have seen employees come and go in varies agencies, however, this is the first time in my career that I have seen a mass exodus from one organization without anyone taking serious note of the public safety consequence this is creating. This disturbing rate of employee departures creates a public safety concern for the public and our communities due to the lack of EMS providers answering the calls for 911 emergency medical services.

Under the current management, rural areas such as Sutton, Butte, Talkeetna, Willow, and Trapper Creek have been decimated of their volunteer responders without a plan in place to provide sufficient service to the citizens. These on-call volunteers resigned, quit, or were terminated due to the hostile working environment, and lack of support under the current management. In Talkeetna EMS responders walked out over their disgust with managements performance. This continues to happen across the MSB without anyone taking notice.

Core areas such as Wasilla, Palmer, and West Lakes are simply hanging on by a strand with possible disruptions of emergency medical services due low staffing shortages. The public is oblivious that at any given time of the day when they call 911 for emergency medical services they may, or may not get an ambulance, or first responders depending on the day and the current staffing deficiencies.  EMS repeatedly runs out of ambulances or does not have units available to provide medical services to the communities we are accountable for serving. The hostile working conditions are appalling, and the lack of support is causing responders to quit, and seek opportunities away from the MSB.

Other significant issues that are plaguing EMS, and creating a public safety hazards is that responders are not able to operate at their highest level of medical certification or licensure due to the poor organizational policies, and the current Medical Director tyranny temperament. For example, we have multiple EMTs that are trained as fully functional Paramedics; however, they are not allowed to operate as Paramedics based on organizational policies, and the Medical Director’s tyranny temperament. As well as Paramedics being demoted, hassled, chastened, and demeaned over insignificant transgressions of policies and procedures creating constant aggressive working conditions.

Recently EMT 3’s an ALS/ ACLS an advanced care provider had most of their advanced skills and abilities removed from them since the Training & Logistical Chief, as well as the Medical Director did not like the scope of practice that has been provided to theses responders, and stripped these providers of all their advanced skill level of practice. This move to strip EMT 3’s of their scope of practice was catastrophic to many of the rural communities. Many of these communities rely on EMT 3’s as their only source of an advanced prehospital medical care. Many of these communities do not have Paramedic level care, and Paramedic level care could be hours away when requested in the event of a significant emergency.

The Medical Director a contract employee that has been permitted to operate unrestricted and has been involved in employee disciplinary activities without due process to the employee through human resources or union representation per the collective bargaining agreement.  The Medical Director has been engaged in employee intimidation, coercion, and other aggressive behaviors against employees while management sits backs and supports his actions. Recently the Medical Director coerced a Paramedic Supervisor employee not to seek union representation, or file a grievance when they had been wrongfully punished by the management. The Medical Director threated to pull his medical sponsorship from the employee if the employee progressed with the union process. However, he stated that he would continue to sponsor the employee as long as the employee did not seek union representation, and or proper progressive employee disciplinary procedures. This is only one example of intimidation and coercion, that goes unreported and hidden daily. The Medical Director is extremely involved in daily operations exceeding his contract terms and conditions creating operational vulnerabilities based on his lack of operational experiences within EMS services only creating a substantial public safety risk.

Under the current management, the MSB face a severe nepotism issue with two management level employees being in positions of authority directly underneath one another in the Chain of Command chart. The Chief of EMS is married to the Training and Logistics Assistant Chief. Both having the authority to discipline employees and create policies and procedures without the proper checks and balances. Upon the new Chief of EMS assuming control of our department, it was advised that her husband the Training and Logistics Assistant Chief was going to answer directly to the Director of EMS (Director 3). However, all employees full time and part-time employed by EMS must answer to the Chief of EMS creating a significant conflict of interest due to nepotism. Recently the Chief of EMS, and the Training and Logistics Assistant Chief son was recently hired as a part-time EMT creating yet another conflict of interest under the nepotism policy. There are rules and procedures within the MSB addressing issues such as nepotism that have been designed for this very exact reason that are often ignored, or manipulated to suit those we desire to place in these positions as we desire.

The unpredictability of the EMS Chief position has an average career span of about year and half before they call it quits, or are terminated for again varies infractions that are never to be made public due to employee confidentiality concerns. How can you expect a department to function professionally when the department head is continuously changing under turmoil at an alarming rate?

The morale under the current management is at an all-time low. Employees both full-time and part-time feel unappreciated, and devalued. Employees are often walking on eggshells in an attempt to avoid displeasing management in attempts to avoid being harassed or retaliated against under our current authoritarian management system for minor infractions, or at the whim of the Medical Director’s temperament.

Current fulltime employees are not seeking promotional opportunities such as EMT moving up to Paramedic, and Paramedics not moving up to Paramedic Supervisor. Employees are simply not applying for the current positions, and have no aspirations to seek additional responsibilities under the current oppressive management due to the hostile working environment, and lack of support. Fulltime, as well as on-call employees are often fearful to voice their concern, or disagreement over concerns or topics with management. They often feel if they voice their concerns, they become a target only to be forced out for not conforming to the managements every desire, or demands. Employees are demoralized, fed up, and beat down under the current management system. These factors affect public safety, and patient care directly.

Many of the EMS employees are hopeful that the lawsuit filed by our former EMS Director will bring attention to the problems that are plaguing EMS, and the hostile working environment under our current management.  Multiple other employees present, and former have reached out to the attorney that is handling the lawsuit on behalf of our former EMS Director hoping to provide information to the legal team to only build a stronger case against the borough. Employees are very optimistic that this lawsuit cleans house again as it did about five years ago under similar circumstances.

There are a few options that you can consider after reading this letter, You can ignore the problem and act as if it is not happening and hope for the best. By neglecting the situations and current conditions that are occurring the problem will only continue to grow simply creating more of a public safety concern until we have complete catastrophic failure of services with no ambulances or providers answering medical calls. Possibly more lawsuits, and complaints being brought forth by current and former employees for hostile working conditions. Ongoing retention of quality employees will only continue to worsen, and recruiting will be impacted. You have the option to thoroughly investigate the issues and concerns plaguing EMS and make changes that will eliminate such problems in the future. This option will allow EMS to grow and provide emergency medical services to the citizens of our communities and provide public safety to the communities that we all serve.  In conclusion, you have a few options to consider. Time and actions will determine your course of action in regards to the current working conditions and public safety concerns.

Very Respectfully,

Concerned Citizen

Highlights of MSB School District Admin Expenses from 2014 – 2017

The very first post on this blog was this one:

At the time, this blog was being used as a place to post raw public records so that the public could review them.  Citizens would then comment on the public records on the Mat-Su Valley News Facebook page.  However, specific records were not highlighted on this blog – only on the news group.

Anchorage Superintendent Deena Bishop (formerly Paramo) is currently in hot water over the Anchorage School District’s decision to hire an expensive PR firm to handle publicity re: the Dimond High football hazing incident.

Ms. Bishop was the superintendent of the Mat-Su Borough School District for several years until the summer of 2016 when she was hired to run the Anchorage School District.

Thus, she was the person in charge of the MSBSD during most of the time period covered by the public records in the first blog post.

Ms. Paramo/Bishop has a history of spending taxpayers’ money on questionable items.

So, this new post will highlight some specific records to show the wasteful spending.  These highlights come from the Mat-Su Valley News Facebook group discussion.

FY 2014 (which ran from July 1st 2013 to July 1st 2014)

FY 2014 “Office of the Supt.” Expenses starting at p. 286 – lots of expensed meals: Matsu Family; Restaurant; Bagels Alaska; Arby’s; In and Out Deli; Valley Hotel; Palmer Downtown Deli; Turkey Red; Windbreak; Pizza Hut; Evangelos; the Grill; Pizza Athena; House of Bread; Denali Family Restaurant; North Star Bakery, Donut King; Piccolino’s. (With their high salaries, why can’t our school admins pay for their own lunches?)

Also – flowers were purchased as well as items from the very nice gift shop NonEssentials:

FY 2014 – p. 163 – $1,845.00 for a “Legislative Thank you Video” prepared by “DVD Technology” – a privately held company based in Palmer and owned by Larry Bottgen.  Was this really necessary???

FY 2014 p. 169 – “Glacier Brewhouse” $296.00 P. 170 “Glacier Brewhouse” $51.75.

FY 2014 – p. 287 – Three items from “Providence Gift” (This must be the Providence Hospital Gift shop) – two for $50 and one for $122.91.

FY 2014 – p. 287 Knik Tribal Council “$100”

FY 2014 – p. 289 $1500 contribution for “cost of a gun” to the Alaska SCTP – the Alaska Youth Clay Target Shooting group.

FY 2015 (July 1st 2014 – July 1st 2015)

FY 2015 p. 169 – Flippen Group Contract $300,000 and $15,000.

FY 2015 – Key Note Speakers Opening Day – Clayton Morgan and Barbara Morgan – $10,050 and $5,599.51

FY 2015 p. 181 – There are three big payments for rental and catering associated with the very, very expensive Capturing Kids’ Hearts program (the Flippen group contract) – $6,921.20 to Evangelos for food and rental space; $9,240 to Loco Mamas for catering; and $7,719.30 to Best Western Hotel for food and rental.

FY 2015 – more big catering/food items – p. 182 – $9,011.30 to “Alaska Events” and $5,940.00 to the Red Beet; and $6,885 to “The Grill.”

FY 2015 p. 188 – two different sets of funeral flowers $106.90 and $109.61

Here are some items in FY2015 listed under “Superintendent’s Office Supplies”: P. 316 – a charge of $462.00 at the nice gift/kitchen store in downtown Palmer – “Non Essentials” 10/14/14; p. 316 $114.32 – Flowers by Louise for “Condolence flowers for Dr. Paramo” (nice; she is sending herself flowers); and p. 319 – a charge of $543.64 to Josten’s Inc. for “Doctoral Official Cap and Gown.”

Comments: “Um, why are we paying for this? I certainly hope “Dr. P” did not take this item with her to the Anchorage School District as it is the property of the MSBSD. Why do the kids have to pay for their gowns and a person who makes more than $100k has the district pay for theirs?”


FY 2016 (July 1st 2015 – July 1st 2016)

FY 2016 – p. 303 $217.00 Lunch or Dinner at Settler’s Bay Lodge ($$$$) to “debrief from Flip Flippen” Why are we paying Admin officials to have a meal at a fancy restaurant to discuss the Flip Flippen program? Why did they think this was okay to expense?

FY 2016 p. 304 Supt. Lunch meeting with Senator Mike Dunleavy $67.26 at Red Robin. Supt Breakfast Meeting with MatSu Health Foundation – Windbreak – $119.64 (Why are we taxpayers buying the MSHF breakfast? They have about $120 MILLION in the bank.)

FY 2016 p. 304 — $350 worth of “punch cards” for MSBSD for Wasilla Chamber lunches. Why are the taxpayers paying for MSBSD staffers to attend Chamber lunches?

FY 2016 – p. 314 – $140.42 “Networking Lunch with cohorts – Deena Paramo” – at nice San Diego restaurant “Lou & Mickey’s”

Taxi from hotel to Cheesecake factory – $26.30 – p. 314 FY 2016. Also on this page – the hotel cost was $2,211.13 !!!!

FY 2016 – $100 to Valley Recycling for “Ocean’s Lunch.” Why are we paying for Admin staff to attend this? Also, if we are supporting the recycling center – why is the MSBSD paying for tons and tons of bottled water each year?! There are so many expenses for bottled water in these expenditures. We really need to encourage people to bring their own reusable water bottles and/or get water from the drinking fountains. so much plastic! so expensive!


FY 2017 (July 1st 2016 – July 1st 2017)

FY 2017 – p. 143 – $49 for “Flowers/Decor for Principal Meeting.”

“Red Robin – $88.16” meal 8/20/16 for Gene Stone (who took over as Supt from summer 2016 to spring of 2017) and Monica Goyette (current Supt). Why can’t these folks have a meeting in their OFFICE and/or if they go out to lunch, why can’t they pay for it themselves????

“Quite a few entries for items to decorate Spargo’s and Ainsworth’s offices. Why are taxpayers paying $70 for wall art or $36 for a picture frame? These people are making big money, go buy your own stuff like the rest of us.”

SD 5

FY 2017 – p. 144 – 145 – Ipads for Opening Day Drawing ($1199.96); Apple Watches for Opening Day Drawing ($674.98); and mini ipads for opening day drawing ($505.80) – does anyone know who received these prizes and why they were given out?

They were given at the big inservice day at the Menard Sports Center. They used them as incentive to get people to ride buses to the center instead of driving themselves.

Probably a door prize from the first mandatory meeting of the year.They have a speaker,food and door prizes.Usually a day long event.

$240.00 to Alaska Artisan Coffee for coffee beans 10/13/16. Why are we paying for coffee for the admin staff? When I have worked at various jobs (fed gov’t; state gov’t, non profits, private sector) – people who want office coffee chip in and pay for the office coffee supplies.

FY2017 – p. 145 Matsu Business Alliance lunch for 4 – $100 – why are taxpayers paying for a networking lunch?  The MSBSD Admins were frequent attendees at the MatSu Bus Alliance lunches as there are quite a few notations of these lunch expenses throughout these public records. The taxpayers also pay for lots of lunches at the Wasilla and Palmer Chamber of Commerce meetings.


$815 to Intuit Inc. (FY 2017 – p. 147 – 12/20/2016) “Christmas Gifts for Principals.” why are we giving principals gifts? They are already gifted big salaries!

FY 2017 – P. 133 Opening Day Keynote Speaker – Jaime Casap $5,000 plus Hotel Captain Cook and flights. [For some reason, two charges of $3,469.40 were added and then subtracted – the notes indicate these charges were for airfare for jaime and his wife…so not sure if this was actually charged – but seriously, what type of flight costs over 3K and why was the MSBSD paying for flights for this speaker AND his wife and why were we buying what appears to be First Class tickets??]

FY 2017 – p. 186 – $11.20 “Ladies’ bathroom supplies” (why can’t grown adults purchase their own personal hygiene products?); p. 186 – $237.02 Office Decor – fred Meyer; $12.83 Frames for Dr. goyette’s office (Why are we paying for office decor?); $10.29 – Potting soil for office plants. (Everywhere I have worked – people who like plants pay for their own plants.)

FY 2017 – Alaska’s Best Water p. 216 – $1700 for Water coolers for Biz Services office. We pay Alaska’s Best Water TONS of $ for water coolers and water refills each year. WHY??? What a waste of money! All the schools and the admin building have WATER FOUNTAINS.

FY 2017 – pp. 251 – 252 – lot of food and flowers under Superintendent’s office expenses including $87.71 Flowers by Louise – Condolences to the Knik Tribal (????) and $49.37 Carrs Flowers to Academy Charter Principal. Why did the Academy Charter Principal need flowers?

FY 2017 – p. 252 $150 to Center Tix for two tickets to the Anchorage YWCA Women of Achievement Awards dinner. (Deena Paramo – former MSBSD supt and Eliz Ripley of MSHF – were 2 of the “winners.”) Why are taxpayers paying for this? If Admin officials want to attend an event like this, THEY SHOULD USE THEIR OWN MONEY – from their substantial salaries.








The MSB Attorney’s lack of transparency at Assembly meetings

The Mat-Su Borough’s Attorney is given time at each Assembly meeting to give a report. (The Manager and Clerk also have regular time slots to give reports at each meeting.) These reports are not just for the Assembly members; they are for the public.

However, the Attorney often fails to announce important information at the Assembly meetings.

For example, former MSB Deputy Director of EMS Lisa Behrens filed a lawsuit against the MSB on May 22, 2018.

I listened to all of the Attorney’s reports (and end of meeting comments) for the following Assembly meetings: May 1st, May 15th, June 5th, June 12th, June 19th, and July 17th, and the attorney did not mention the Behrens lawsuit at all.

At the June 5th Assembly meeting, which took place just after the Behrens lawsuit was filed and which was the logical meeting for him to announce this new lawsuit, the Attorney mentioned that the MSB had filed some new lawsuits re: code violations but he never said a word about the (far more important) Behrens lawsuit.  And with the code violation cases, he did not give out any details, such as case names and numbers, but instead told the Assembly members that if they wanted more information or if they had questions, they could come see him in his office.

The public deserves to have basic information about lawsuits involving the MSB.  We have the right to know when a case is filed (with case name, case number, and court) and when a case is closed (and explanation of why case has been closed…did we prevail; did we lose; did we settle? etc. )

For example, with the Lisa Behrens lawsuit, the MSB attorney should have announced in a timely manner: The MSB (and the Director of EMS and the Manager) have been sued by former MSB employee Lisa Behrens. The lawsuit is case 3PA-18-1703 CI. The MSB has hired Perkins Coie to represent us. We estimate this may cost us 100K in legal fees etc. Obviously, the MSB attorney is not expected to comment on the merits of the case – but the public certainly deserves to know the basic facts.

The MSB should not hide this type of basic information.

Better yet, the MSB attorney needs to file online written reports on a regular basis so the public can track the cases.

MSB Lawsuits

The MSB needs to pass an ordinance similar to the one in place in San Diego.  There, the City Attorney’s office is required to file a WEEKLY report (“litigation log”) with a list of all new cases and all closed cases with details.  And San Diego spells out exactly what information needs to be disclosed for executive sessions. (The MSB also fails miserably in following AK’s Open Meetings Act re: Executive Session, which primarily involve legal matters.)

Here is what San Diego posts on their website:

I challenge an Assembly member to take up this issue and propose the exact same ordinance for the MSB.  Here are San Diego’s rules re: executive sessions and the litigation log.