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Port Mac had revenue of $13,816 but operating costs of almost $2 million for Fiscal Year 2019.

The newest CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) is on the MSB’s website. This report is generally released in January each year. It is an audit and analysis of the previous fiscal year.

Here are the pages for the “Port Enterprise Fund.” The MSB is valuing this asset at $28,892,167.

The good news is that revenues increased from $10,290 for FY2018 to $13,816 in FY2019. (However, looking at the last page, actual customer receipts were under $10,000.)

However, the operating costs were $1,982.509 – i.e., almost $2 MILLION DOLLARS. And if you add in depreciation, the total operating expenses for the Port were $3,098,587.

Note that the Port Enterprise Fund owes the MSB General Fund $6,824,588 because it keeps borrowing from the general fund to pay for its operating expenses.

This year, the Port borrowed another $700,000 from the general fund. It also seems to have gotten $603,000 in “Capital Contributions” – not sure where this $ is from or what it was for exactly.