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MSB Parks & Recs Director says he doesn’t need approval from Parks & Recs Board

Parks & Recs

Whelp, the MSB Parks & Recs Director (Hugh Leslie) and former MSB Assembly member Steve Colligan finally admitted what the Mat-Su Muckracker has been complaining about for the better part of two years.

Yes, the MSB helped set up a Drone Park for Mr. Colligan’s non profit group.  Yes, the MSB moved and expanded the location for using Remote Aircraft/Drones at Jim Creek.  It was originally just a small viewing area down by the river and now is in a big field next to the campground.  Yes, the MSB paid to clear the 3 acres.  Yes, it was specifically for the Drone Park. Yes, the Jim Creek Master Plan was changed.  It was only a “conceptual plan!” No, the MSB staff has NO INTENTION of making the Parks & Recs Board part of the approval process for these types of changes or permits now or in the future.  No, the MSB is not going to provide more detailed plans to the board re: this park.  And, the Director put this Drone Park item on the agenda of the Parks & Recs Board because the Butte area Assembly member forced him to do so.  So there.

NOTE: The Parks & Recs Director claims the land clearing cost went through the regular MSB budget/appropriation process. I don’t remember seeing anything about “drone park land clearing” in any of the Jim Creek financial requests and I reviewed all the RFPs and appropriations thoroughly, but I will double check and report back.

Here is the RPF for the Jim Creek Campground and there is nothing in it about clearing the adjacent 3 acres for a drone park:

18-002B Jim Creek Recreational Vehicle Campground BID DOCS

The Parks & Recs Board minutes from their May 22, 2019 meeting were finally posted on the MSB’s website.

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