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“The Sewer Lady” Helen Munoz gives up on the MSB

Longtime Mat-Su Valley resident Helen Munoz has resigned from the MSB Wastewater and Septage Advisory Board.

Mrs. Munoz is a can do person. She runs a B & B up on Lazy Mountain (A Lazy Acres) and was a founding board member of the Mat Valley Federal Credit Union.  She is also very involved with Hospice of Mat-Su.

She is a former owner of a Septic Pumping Company (which her son still owns) and she is very knowledgeable about the sewage problem here in the Valley.

However, after many years (46!!!) of advocating for the MSB to build a treatment plant here, she has given up!

She calls the MSB’s progress on this project “pitiful.” “Carry On – I’m Not!”

helen munoz

“The Sewer Lady” article in the Frontiersman:

MSB Assembly member Jim Sykes posted this photo and note on Facebook a few years ago:

helen munoz 2


  1. Montana Mike Montana Mike January 30, 2019

    This is typical of Mat Su Borough
    Kick the can
    Wear people down

  2. Jessi Cotter Jessi Cotter February 1, 2019

    Well done Helen!! I only hope that all your work is not been in vain!! Thank you for a lifetime of commitment! You truly deserve a medal!

  3. Beth Fread Beth Fread February 1, 2019

    Helen Munoz is a sterling example of the dreamed of community advocate. It took the MSB 46 years to exhaust her. You keep going Helen! We love you and are glad you are taking care of yourself. We appreciate the efforts you have made on our behalf. We have written to and stood in front of the Assembly in gratitude and support for your efforts. You are an icon for many of us! Hugs to you always!

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