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Outside Legal Costs (Update)


Here are the records showing what the MSB paid to outside law firms for legal work during FY2016, FY2017, FY2018.  Click below to see all of the records.

429 426.900 law

Here are a few highlights:

Perkins Coie gets a lot of business from the MSB.

Note: Sean Parnell seems to be double dipping from the MSB. He was also getting paid as a consultant via his “NavNorth” company.

law highlight


Why does the MSB always budget so much for outside legal costs? We have a staff of FIVE full time attorneys and yet, it seems like the MSB hires outside counsel for most of the important matters.

But beyond that concern – if our actual outside legal costs in FY2017 were 197K – why did the Assembly approve an FY2018 budget of 500K ??!!! 300K more than the actual costs from year before…This makes no sense…Is the MSB is trying to set aside huge amounts of money for potential settlements so that they do not have to disclose this type of thing later?

law budget


law budget total fy2017

And, as it turned out, the MSB spent only a total of 154K in FY2018.  So why did the Assembly approve 500K????

law fy2018 totals