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MSB paid former Governor Sean Parnell’s firm NavNorth $103,500 for consulting work

The MSB hired former Alaska Governor Sean Parnell’s firm “Navigate North Consultants, LLC” (known as NavNorth) for “consulting work” at a cost of $4500 per month.

Public records I received yesterday show that the first payments were made to NavNorth in July of 2016 and the last payment was made in June, 2018. (However, I only received public records for FY2016, FY2017, and FY2018, so I cannot be sure NavNorth wasn’t paid after July 2018.)

These costs were listed under “Economic Development.”

All told NavNorth was paid $54,000 in FY17 and $49,500 in FY2018 = for a grand total of $103,500.

All contracts over $100,000 are supposed to be approved by the Assembly.  However, this contract was NOT approved by the Assembly.

NavNorth is closed and Governor Parnell now works for the Anchorage law firm Holland and Hart.  He is also advising Governor Dunleavy’s Administration.


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