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Lunch Money

lunch lost in space

The Mat-Su Borough leaders love to dine on the taxpayers’ dimes.  Despite making very good salaries (and receiving fabulous retirement and health benefits), the Manager, Clerk, Attorney, and Directors, all of whom have MSB credit cards, often dine out at local restaurants on workdays.

It is understandable that these folks, when travelling on MSB business, can’t brown bag it, but many of them feel entitled to eat lunch locally using the MSB credit cards so long as MSB “business” is discussed.

Is this right?

Here are many recent examples:

Lunch 1Lunch 2Lunch 3Lunch 4Lunch 5Lunch 6Lunch 7lunch 8Lunch 9Lunch 10Lunch 11Lunch 13Lunch 14Lunch 15Lunch 16Lunch 17Lunch 18Lunch 19Lunch 20Lunch 21Lunch 22Lunch 23Lunch 24Lunch 25Lunch 26Lunch 27Lunch 28Lunch 29Lunch 30Lunch 31Lunch 32Lunch 33Lunch 34Lunch 35Lunch 36

Here are more examples going back a couple of years:

Lun 8Lun 2Lun 5Lun 4Lun 1Lun 10Lun 3Lun 11Lun 9Lun 14Lun 15Lun 7Lun 18Lun 16Lun 17Lun 6Lun 22Lun 21Lun 23Lun 20Lun 26Lun 12Lun 19Lun 24Lun 27Lun 25