MSB Credit Card statements March – August 2018 (includes China Trade Trip expenses)

Here are the Mat-Su Borough’s credit card statements for the months of March, April, May, June, July and August 2018.

2018.10.03 PRR CC Statements STROUP

Here are some highlights:


Mayor Vern Halter, Manager John Moosey, and Assembly Member Randall Kowalke were the three MSB reps who went on this trip.  It is unclear if the MSB had to pay the $3,000 fee in addition to paying for their own airfare, hotels, and food.

China Trade Mission

Here are the China trip expenses from the MSB credit card statements.  The grand total (if my calculations are correct) was $14,520.17.  There may be other charges out there.  Sometimes, the MSB pays through vendors and/or reimbursements.

UPDATE 10/05/2018: The MSB Manager’s Asst responded to my email and confirmed that the MSB also paid 9K to the State to participate (3K for each participant.)

So, the running total for this trip is now: $23,520.17.

China 1china 2china 4China 5China 6China 7China 8China 9China 10China 11


Manager John Moosey bought himself a new ipad for just over a thousand dollars from the Apple store.

john moosey ipad

Manager Moosey also bought camera equipment and flowers. (The camera equip may be for the PR office.)

Moosey camera and flowers

John Moosey goes out to lunch a LOT on the MSB’s dime. (This is written into his contract; IIRC, he is allowed approx. $400 per month in “expenses.”)

The Manager and Mayor attended the summer AML conference at Denali:

Moosey Denali bluffs

The MSB Attorney Nicholas Spiropoulos had a lunch to discuss confidential items with R.K. (Randall Kowalke) at the Palmer City Alehouse.  I guess the items were okay to discuss at a public restaurant.  Nick also had lunch at the Alehouse with JM (John Moosey) to discuss “MSB issues.” Don’t these people have offices at the MSB Dorothy Swanda building? (We paid millions and millions to remodel and expand this building.) Of course the MSB Manager and MSB Attorney should be discussing MSB issues because um, that is what we pay them to do – but why can’t they pay for their own lunches from their hefty salaries?? Nick lunches with RK and JM

The MSB’s IT Director Eric Wyatt attended a conference in Phoenix in February (which is a very nice time to get away from Alaska) and he expensed several lunch meetings at the Colony Inn Cafe steakhouse (conveniently located right next to MSB building; but sadly, it just closed) as well as costly meals related to the Cyber attack:

Eric Wyatt 1Eric Wyatt 2Eric Wyatt 3Eric Wyatt 4Eric Wyatt 5


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