Smart Communities (Is this a smart use of money?)

The MSB is leading up a new program called the “Alaska Smart Communities Forum.”

The group meets quarterly.  Here are agendas from some recent meetings.

The MSB hosted a meeting on January 30, 2018, at the Atwood Conference Center  in Anchorage and one in October, 2017, in Palmer.  (Breakfast and Lunch provided by the MSB.)


Smart Communities Agenda

Smart Communities Agenda 2

Why are we spending money on a “Smart Communities” project? I do not think this benefits the community very much.

I think stuff like this is fun and interesting for IT employees but it really doesn’t make much difference to the community which is footing the bill.

Unnecessary projects like the “Smart Communities forum” is why our IT budget has ballooned in recent years. Was this funded with a grant? Or was it funded with local property taxpayers’ money?

We need a back to basics website and a back to basics budget.

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