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MatSu Borough employee earnings history FY 2016 and FY 2017

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MSB Manager John Moosey earned $199,913.86 (FY 2017 – which ended 6/30/17) up a bit from from $196,795.88 (FY 2016)

MSB Attorney Nick Spiropoulos earned $175,214.68  – which seems to be 20K more than FY2016 when he earned $155,872.11

MSB Clerk Lonnie McKechnie earned $126,082.81 which seems to be a bit less than FY2016 when she earned $127,925.96

Tammy Clayton – Finance Director – earned $159K in 2016.

Eric Phillips, the Community Development Director, earned $145,941.32 in FY2017, up 5K from $140,795.88 in FY2016.

Patty Sullivan – the Public Affairs (i.e. Communications) Director  – earned $126,631.84 (FY2017) which is up 10K from 2016 when she earned $116,391.42

Charles Van Dongen, the Port Director, earned $134,444.04 in FY2017.

PRR – Stroup  — FY 2016

PRR – Stroup 2  FY 2017

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  1. Layla Delgado Layla Delgado October 6, 2017

    Hi there, can you clarify what these numbers include? Gross wages can include leave cash outs, overtime and benefits, etc. When payroll rises from year to year it isn’t necessarily a raise. The prior year annual salary might have reflected variables like leave without pay.

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